Clover POS

Streamline your point-of-sale processes with Clover POS which offers affordability and functionality. Clover POS is a comprehensive system that allows businesses to streamline their sales processes without incurring hefty payment processing charges associated with other systems. Clover is an appealing solution for service providers, shops, and restaurateurs who want a POS system with numerous capabilities to properly handle daily transactions.

clover pos
clover station duo

POS Station Duo

High-traffic businesses like quick-serve restaurants, retail stores, and service centers can greatly benefit from Clover Station Duo, an advanced point-of-sale system built for face-paced environments. Clover POS system offers ultimate payment flexibility (contactless NFC, chip cards, swipe) and a user-friendly experience for both customers and staff. The large 7-inch touchscreen keeps transactions smooth, while the separate 14-inch HD display provides retailers with a separate clear view of transactions.

Clover Flex

For mobile businesses on the go, Clover Flex simplifies operations by offering the power of Clover Mini in a compact POS system. This user-friendly device features a 5-inch touchscreen and built-in receipt printer. It accepts payments securely via swipe (MSR), chip (EMV), and contactless (NFC) methods, all with a reliable 4G or Wi-Fi connection. Clover Flex empowers retailers with a secure and simplified POS solution.

clover flex
clover mini

Clover Mini

Get all the power of a larger Clover POS in the compact Clover Mini. A 7 inch touch screen integrated with front-facing microphone and camera creates an easy to use interface for clients and team members. Stay connected anywhere with the built-in SIM card slot and Bluetooth. Streamline product management with an integrated barcode scanner. For maximum customer convenience, Clover Mini accepts all modern payment methods including NFC, EMV chip and pin, and PIN debit.   

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