Business Credit Card Payment Methods

Free credit card processing is an enticing alternative for small businesses who want to streamline their financial processes without incurring additional fees. Often referred to as “zero fees processing,” this feature eliminates regular processing fees by allowing businesses to accept payments using free business credit cards. This strategy increases small enterprises’ financial flexibility while reducing transaction procedures.

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Why Payvus Visa
Business Credit Card

High Approval Rating

No more stuffy, complicated approval processes that weed out the vast majority of businesses. The Payvus Visa Business Card offers a 99% approval rate which means your company is nearly guaranteed to qualify.

High Credit Limit

In fact, this card offers up to a $10,000 credit limit which gives your business substantial breathing room at any point in its growth. This way, you’ll have the credit you need to keep things running smoothly even when unexpected expenses arise.

No Hard Credit Check

At Zero Fees Processing, we make sure that doesn’t happen! The Payvus Visa Business Card doesn’t require a hard check which means your credit will remain unscathed…as it should!

How it works

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Accept Card Payments

Payvus works effortlessly with your existing payment processing system, allowing you to generate capital with each transaction. This revolutionary solution enables your business to accept card payments with ease, improving your financial operations without the need for a new setup. Payvus simplifies your transaction procedure while simultaneously increasing your cash flow, making each sale work harder for your company’s success.

Set Allocation

Payvus allows you to allocate your sales payments anywhere from 10% to 100%. This feature gives you control over how much funds from each transaction goes to Payvus, allowing you to optimize your cash flow based on your company’s needs. Customizing your payment settings ensures that your financial strategy is fully aligned with your operational objectives, giving you the ability to promote business growth while maintaining financial stability.

set allocation

Split Settlement

Payvus simplifies financial management by allowing for split settlement of daily sales. This function ensures that funds from each transaction are automatically divided between Payvus and your company’s bank account, based on the allocations you choose. Split settlement allows you to easily manage your cash flow, ensuring that a percentage of each transaction covers your operational costs while also contributing to your financial growth objectives.

business credit card

Increase Spending Power

Enhance your business’s financial flexibility and increase spending power with every settlement through Payvus. This powerful tool allows you to build unlimited working capital, ensuring that a portion of each transaction is reinvested into your operations.

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